This blog is managed by the Women in Leadership and Learning Program (WILL) at the University of Cincinnati.

Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) is a multi-year student development program for undergraduate women that aims to build a community of leaders committed to social justice and activism through experiential learning. This program incorporates a core curriculum based in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as well as co-curricular leadership development programming coordinated through the University of Cincinnati’s Women’s Center. WILL’s foundation is built on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development realized through the practice of Action Research.

WILL’s Mission: To build a women’s community of leaders, committed to social justice and activism, through co-curricular, experiential learning.

WILL’s Values:

Inclusive Community: Everyone’s opinion is valued.

Students First: Students’ stories and experiences are important.

Feminist Thought: What you learn in class can and should be applied to how you act with, communicate with, and treat others in your community.

Externally Connected: Staying connected with outside resources is an important aspect of community engagement.

Embrace Failure: Fail early and often; we are here to learn from ourselves and from one another.

For more information about the program, visit our official website.


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