Closing a Chapter

As I am starting the process of submitting my applications for law school and looking towards the next chapter of my life, I’ve reflected on my experiences over the last four years at the place I called my second home—the University of Cincinnati. After much reflection, I am sad to come to the realization that the place that I was drawn to four years ago is not the same anymore. Although I have seen the university make general strides towards bettering itself, I have not seen enough progress towards supporting students who do not fall within the category of

I have seen resources on campus that students utilize and appreciate be swept from under them without even hearing out what the students want. The most recent examples of this are: the elimination of RECLAIM (and the implementation of its makeshift replacements), many words and little follow-through in regards to suggestions from the IRATE 8, and an unsupportive environment for students advocating for change.

But seeing this change of atmosphere during my last year at UC has left me with mixed emotions. My heart goes out to faculty and staff members who know students the best, yet they can only say so much as to not “cross the line.” I’ve learned that politics is everything and everywhere. I am disheartened that I must leave the university in this state, but know that the next generation of students will fight for their beliefs in this institution as well.

Although I am moving on to my next chapter in life, I hope that I can take lessons learned from my years here at UC and use them to navigate my future. I will always call this university my alma mater, but I will never hesitate to call out the truth in support of what students need and want of their university.


Tyra Robinson is a 1st year WILLer, Graduating Senior majoring in Communication, and plans to attend law school in the Fall of 2016.


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