What Self Care Means to Me


This semester has been an uphill battle for me. I’ve been taking eighteen credit hours of classes, while co-oping and completing two honors experiences, all at the same time. All of this just so I can graduate a year early. Now, this might seem like a lot of work, but we’re not done yet. Let me just go ahead and insert positional leadership on campus, volunteering at a senior citizen’s center and a scholarship to uphold. Now THAT is a lot of work.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love going to school to learn and I love my job. I love my organizations and I love the amount of love I get to spread at the senior center, I also love that UC gave me a small chunk of money when compared to the hills of $$$ that I’m investing in the institution. I am just very overwhelmed with being this occupied. Now, you may have a question: why am I this occupied? You see, it’s all a part of a master plan. Living 8000+ miles away from home kinda punches a hole through your heart and to fill it up you gotta try to keep your mind occupied by biting off a lot more than you can chew.


How am I staying calm and composed through all of this, you may ask? I am not. Everyday starts off with me battling sweet, sweet sleep and getting reluctantly out of bed to attend a mind-numbingly boring class at 8AM. After waddling around campus like a teletubby for about five hours everyday, I roll myself to work to sit at a desk to bust out some serious code to build a kickass application (JK, I just click send on a bunch of emails most times, though I do code from time-to-time, I’m also not very good at it). Then comes WILL every Monday night from five to seven. The only solid chunk of time I actually sit down amongst positive souls to evaluate my thoughts and reconnect with myself. WILL has been my main source of self-care this past semester.


I got into WILL thinking “Hey! Feminism. I’m really into that, let’s do it!” Little did I know that WILL would help me accept who I was and help me be a better person. I’m not saying I’m the best person I can possibly be, but I definitely like myself a lot more now. I don’t know what it was, but something about the two hours on every Monday kept me going. Self care is the high’s and low’s that I share with the community every week. Self care is the impromptu meditation that we break into. Self care is me venting about the peanut that I managed to get stuck in my windpipe a hundred times while people listen patiently. Self care is learning about social change. Self care is going to a Muse concert and being blown away by those angelic voices. Self care is going home from the meeting every Monday night, tired and procrastinating homework, going to bed with a smile on my face knowing that there are good people in the world, after all.



Vineela Kunapareddi is an Information Technology Major expected to graduate May of 2019. She is a first year WILLer and despite her hectic schedule, finds time for self-care.


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