StrengthsFinder 2.0

A few Mondays ago during our WILL meeting, Dr. Susie Mahoney went through StrengthsQuest with us. Prior to the meeting we were instructed to take a strengths assessment. We each were given a copy of StrengthsFinder 2.0 by New York Times Bestselling author, Tom Rath. In the back of each book is a unique code to the strengths test. The test took about 45 minutes to complete, with various personality and behavior questions. Upon completing the test you receive five strengths. Initially, I was surprised with my results. I was eager to learn what these strengths meant.

During the WILL meeting Dr. Susie started off StrengthsQuest with asking us the importance of strengths. It is important to know your strengths to know what sets you apart from everyone else and gives you a chance to further develop what you already know and even boost your confidence. Next, we moved on to everyone’s results of the strengths test. My strengths are Restorative, Relator, Communication, Significance, and Arranger. Originally, I thought my strengths were just ordinary in comparison to the other WILLers who received results such as WOO, positivity, harmony and discipline. Later, I found the benefits of my results; I saw that they really did reflect who I am.

No matter what career path I choose I know that I’ll have to build relationships and know how to communicate effectively. According to the test, “People strong in the Restorative theme are adept at dealing with problems. They are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.” I would have to agree. People who are strong in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a common goal. People strong in the Communication theme generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters. Whether this is a gift or a curse, I definitely have no problem communicating how I feel. People strong in the Significance theme want to be very important in the eyes of others. They are independent and want to be recognized. In any type or relationship, I want the other person to feel that I’m just as important to them as they are to me. People strong in the Arranger theme can organize, but they also have a flexibility that complements this ability. They like to figure out how all of the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.   As an RA, I have learned how to work as a member on a staff and make collective efforts for the group as a whole.

The StrengthsQuest further reaffirmed my decision to change my major. This semester I made the decision to switch from Special Education to Communications due to loop-holes in the major requirements. Teaching is still my passion and hopefully my end result, I’ve accepted that it will just have to be obtained an alternative way. I was a bit hesitant to make the change but it has been a great fit. I love building interpersonal relationships. It has been said that I make great first and lasting impressions on people. I take my relationships very seriously whether they’re intimate or friendships. I love helping people and I’ve also been told that I’m gifted at learning and remembering names. Despite what I end up doing in the future, I feel more prepared now that I know my strengths. I also really enjoyed this assessment compared to the others I have taken before.


Tazia Segar is a Communications major and 1st year WILLer. Her self-awareness and unique combination of strengths have helped prepare her for her future. 


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