An Intermittent Mind

Society accepts men being as sexually explicit and promiscuous as they’d like without any criticism. But does being a feminist really mean that you fight for the same equality in that aspect? Personally I disagree!
Over the past couple of months my friends and I have had pungent conversations, on what exactly feminism means to us individually. My personal definition of feminism is an individual who respects both men and women, and thinks they should be created equal. Feminism is a way of life, empowering and encouraging women to reach their full potential daily. So the question is; why does the word “Feminism” also known as the “F-word” have a negative connotation?? My guess would be because when people hear the word Feminism, they automatically think of women who hate men! Not knowing the full meaning of being a feminist and what it entails.

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To say the least, another reason why many people are afraid of the word feminism, is because there aren’t enough celebrities confessing that they are feminist or support the feminist movement. Let’s be honest, we as humans have a tendency to look up to those who have power and wealth. For some odd reason celebrities are looked at as gods. My personal confession: I have an obsession with Beyoncé! She gives me so much life when I listen to her music! My fascination with this woman is insane. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on tickets to see this woman. Ahhhhhh… And yes I consider myself to be a part of the BeyHive. I could go on and on about my obsession. But the point I am trying to make is that Beyoncé openly confesses that she is a feminist, with that being said many of her followers are also feminist. Based on previous articles that I have read regarding feminism and the pop culture, a large number of women are not educated on the topic of feminism.  They’ll say “yes, I support women and want equal rights”, but won’t go on to mention the word feminism because of the negative connotation that resonates with it.  So maybe if more women in power educated themselves on the topic of feminism, then that would create a gateway for many other women in the world.

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Which leads me to my last thoughts/questions, do woman really want the same rights as men? Do we want to be able to go out into the world portraying ourselves as being sexually explicit and promiscuous without it being an issue just as a man can?? Is it okay for my friends and I to see feminism differently??  These are thoughts and questions that run through my head on the regular. Feminism is still new to me, I’m still learning and will continue to learn. Just like any new topic, Feminism for me is rough and disheveled at this point. I have a general definition of what I think feminism means to me, but I believe there is more for me to know and to carry out as a feminist. With the wonderful group of women in WILL, I’m praying that my questions will be answered and clarity will come with open arms.

Akilah Phillips is a Sophomore Psychology major and Communication minor. She is is her first year in WILL.  She can be contacted at


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