Welcome to Our Blog

The WILLtoLeadUC Blog will be updated every Tuesday beginning on January 8th, 2013. Check back for more posts!

This blog is meant to be a space in which WILLers can explore their own personal interactions with feminist leadership in their everyday social settings.

So much of feminist academia is focused on theorizing about and solving large-scale social issues. These practices are important in developing critical and big-picture thinking skills. In addition to this type of learning, many students crave a space and place to reflect on their personal, daily social interactions and practices in order to grow as leaders, activists, and feminists. This blog creates that space to apply what students learn in academia to their personal and collective actions.

One of WILL’s values is “Feminist Thought.” This means that what one learns in class can and should be applied to how that person acts with, communicates with, and treats others in his/her/hir community. WILLtoLeadUC focuses on how the WILL community engages in feminist thought (along with the other WILL values), through the use of the Social Change Model and Action Research.


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